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Online Poker Etiquette That Every Player Should Know & Follow

            Many poker players feel that it gives them a free license to do what they want and to behave like a jackass in general since they sit behind a computer screen. That is not the case, and before they ever sit down at an online poker table, any poker player should be aware of a variety of factors. Here are some judi slot online poker etiquette tips:

Do not use the glass to tap.

A poor poker player should never be criticized for making a wrong move. The last move you want to do is teach a poor poker player what is wrong with what they do. You will not get your money back from screaming at him and calling him an idiot for putting all his money in on a weak draw and may make him start playing better. If nothing else makes it not so enjoyable and friendly for the playing area, you want to keep the fish having fun and playing as long as possible. Do not be disrespectful to the poor players, please!

Do not talk about a poker hand that is not in your hand.

Do not ever comment about another poker player’s hand or offer advice to another player on an indicator that they are in. How would you take it if another poker players at the table kept asking the fish to fold because you have the nuts and you go all-in, and a fishy player has to decide if he will call or fold? Do not confuse this with the use of table debate to affect a decision.

Playing Online Slot Games

Do not be abusive in the chat or use profanity.

This goes in the same vein of advice that the glass is not tapped. It is not good for someone to criticize or be disrespectful to another player. You can annoy anyone, and they can choose to leave the table or avoid playing together. You can also tilt yourself or make yourself furious or angry. Only strive not to be violent or use profanity in the discussion.

Do not offer the hand you folded as an indication.

Imagine, with Ace 5 on the button, you raise pre-flop, and someone re-raises you. There are other player calls, and you plan to fold. If the flop comes down to Ace 5 5 or something close that gives you what a good hand would have been, do not talk about your hand in the chat under any conditions. You can speak about your hand only after the hand is finished. Doing so will change the way the hand plays out and is entirely unfair to the players in the hand who are still involved.