Playing poker online – What you need to know?

Poker today is increasingly become a game that is being enjoyed by many irrespective of they being big, small, man, women, old or young. Its rising popularity can be judged from the fact that the word poker receives almost 1 million searches in a day. Due to this humongous demand online poker has become more sought after than the traditional game played at the casinos. The rules of both are generally same but online poker does have its own advantages. There is lesser risk involved as compared to the traditional judi online game played at the casinos as one can bid for smaller amounts. Also it is more accessible since one can play from the comfort of their homes.  But on the downside since you are pitted against strangers you have a slim chance of buffing.

The first and the foremost thing that you require to play online is a suitable device. Apart from the laptops and desk tops these days even the smart phones are well equipped to play online poker. The next step in Poker Online is to familiarize yourself with the hand rankings and rules. There are ten hands that every player should familiarize himself. The hardest hand consisting of ace, king, queen, jack and ten all of the same suit is called the Royal Flush. The hand where all the five cards are of the same suit but not in sequence then it is called straight flush. In Such an event the player holding the highest card wins the bet. When there are three cards of the same rank but different suits and two cards of the different matching rank, it is referred to as full house.

Another type of hand that we come across in poker is four of a kind. As the name suggests it consists of four cards with same rank and different suit along with a side card. If there is a tie situation the player with the highest side card wins. When there are five cards of the same suit but the sequence differs like a spade 3,6,9,Q then it is called flush.

When we have two matching pairs like 2s and 5s then such a hand is called two pair. In case of two matching rank cards and three unrelated cards it is called one pair. In such cases if a tie happens then the person with highest side card wins. If every player has nothing i.e. they do not qualify for any of the above categories than the player with highest card wins.

Once the player has familiarized himself with the basics the next step is downloading online poker software and installing it. After which the player is required to create a user account keeping in mind the minimum legal age restrictions to play poker. The subsequent step would be depositing money in the site which can be easily done using a credit card. Now you can sit back and enjoy your game but with caution.