Situs poker online – Getting to know it better

Online poker has taken the game to new heights over the past decade and it grew quickly between the years 2003 and 2006. However free poker online was played as early as in 1990s. All of us know that poker is for those playing in big money but for those who absolutely have no bankroll many poker rooms offer players an alternative that is without depositing any money and you still have a possibility to win real money.

Situs judi online sites offer deposits and withdrawal of money and prior knowledge about when to deposit and withdraw your money will be very helpful especially regarding withdrawal.

There are two main formats of this game they are the poker cash games and the poker tournament games.

Poker cash games are played in a single table and can involve any number of players between two and ten while the tournament games are much complicated and are in different formats and structures Unlike cash games, tournaments can be played in single or multiple tables involving 2 to infinite numbers of players.

Myths about online poker

  • Cards aren’t as random as live poker
  • You can’t win at online poker
  • It’s easy to collude online
  • You get more bad beats online

It’s ultimately up to the player to believe in all the myths about online poker or not.

Official online poker sites provides customer service that is ready to help you 24hours such as deposit and withdrawal transactions and provides solutions when you have trouble playing online poker.

Mobile poker

Mobile poker is a very cool game these days. Mobile poker is a very simple activity to work on. Installing a mobile poker game and its software is a very quick and easy process. Mobile poker is nothing less than the desktop version because it has the exact same features, graphics and all the same games and tons of other features like chat, multi table capabilities and so on.

Poker bank roll

Poker is a game with many ups and downs. Poker bank roll helps you to manage your money by telling your limits to play. There are several ways of building a bankroll and all of them require a lot of discipline. If you are new to online poker you should employ a conservative poker management strategy.

Advantages of online poker

There are many cons related to online poker. Few of them are

  • Comfort
  • No commute
  • More hands
  • Multi table
  • No live tells
  • No waiting around
  • Saves your money


The main objective of poker is to win the pot. A pot is an aggregate of all bets made by all players in the deal. Poker is usually played with the standard 52 card deck. At the start of game any player takes a deck of cards and deals them in rotation until a jack appears. The player receiving the card becomes the first dealer. Turn to deal and turn to bet always passes from player to player. In each deal there are one or few betting intervals. The Sky is the only limit to betting in most games. But few games have a fixed limit and pot limit.