Specialised Deck Marked Cards

Specialised Deck Marked Cards

Usually every poker card which is used for playing is marked with a special mark that is not visible with normal eye. In all the types of marked cards there is a special invisible cards which are made of separate lenses namely infrared contact type of lenses and these marked cards are used for looking with special glasses. There are separate decks which are always a back what is a deck of marked cards ones and there are separate numbers and separate marks which suit in middle of all corners.

Deck Marked Cards And Its Uses

Based on requirements of customers there are also separate cards manufactured. There are separate cards namely MADIANO type of cards and COPAG type of cards, Fournier type cards and separate magic bicycle mark printed cards and bee mark printed cards and KRM marked special cards and DAL NEGRO type of cards www.markedcardsforsale.com .

 Not only these there are many other type of marked cards present which are also included like NTP type, PTW type aviator type etc. In any brands of poker game they manufacture cards. For more than ten years that is almost a decade these playing cards are been printed through thus company. There are very high range of skilled professionals and very accurate machines.

Almost every card is marked specially with lenses of infrared rays and there is also. Bar code marked on top of decks of scanner of poker game analyser. The cards which are marked with infrared marks through infrared lens are specially marked by using infrared camera for uniqueness of cards. With all the devices of poker there is selling and buying of cards present. In previous dates the cards marked with infrared lenses are kept very confidential for customers in order to predict the cheating, but now a day it is official.

These are also known as contact lenses of spy camera. These are also known as poker cheating contact lens. There are naked on all playing cards with lenses marked on it. For the players who want to cheat while playing card game then infrared rays on marks will be easily detected. On the top back of marked deck there is an infrared lance marking. In market there are lot of devices who get good contact lenses. Among many devices the detecting kens is the best one and easily detected. They have won many poker players’ preferences from all over the world.

Some people always think in an opposite way that the invisible lenses are of no use. And they also tell that they are harmful for people who are playing with it if the infrared lens is made of low quality. Wearing a lenses with invisible infrared contact lens of low quality is always best that having in a low quality.