Playing in Online Casino


Gambling is as old as human civilization. Marked animal bones by the firelight in ancient caves prove that Neolithic men also loved their gambling. Thailand is one of the golden ASEAN country where gambling online has found a sure footing. The best known of these websites in Thailand is ‘w88’. In 2020, w88 had the astonishing website traffic of over 30,000 website traffic per day. The website w88 thailand has been ruling the roost, not just in Thailand, but also in Asian countries with gambling populations, like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. This website also has a link to access w88, which is https//


The ิำะ w88 website has a huge number of playing options for the keen gamblers. Various types of Sports betting and Casinos are included in its playing lists. This website has been growing in power and popularity steadily in the last 10 years in almost all Asian countries with large dedicated gambling populations. The w88 website is headquartered in the Philippines. The constant drive to self-betterment has seen w88 rise to the top. The focus has been less on profit taking and more on developing innovative online games. This includes Slot Games, Live Casino, Sports Games, Lottery and Super Bull Poker.

Playing in Online Casino


There are several overriding Features that make w88 stand apart from its competitors. Some of these features are:

  • The website w88 is a highly trustworthy and reliable online gambling website.
  • With a powerful security system that is constantly updated by experts, gamblers find it safe to play on this website.
  • Cyber security and safety is carefully monitored so as to protect against the latest incursions by hackers, cyber criminals, viruses and malware.
  • Membership can be easily applied for by filling in a simple form, and creating account information. Among the details required to register as a member, the email address, phone number, name, surname, date of birth, user name, password confirmation, line id and code alliance. This helps to create a user account.
  • Deposits can be made immediately after registration as a member. Bets can be placed immediately after that.
  • The member can now proceed to the landing page of the website and choose the language in which to play. If the language is Thai, the website becomes   ิำะ.
  • Now, whenever the gambler decides to play, he can access the relevant website by entering through the address https//