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Tricks to play the game gourd, crabs and fish and their roles

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How to play gourds, crab, and fish?

How to play gourd, crab, fish, will use 3 dice with the picture symbol on each side of the dice. Each image is represented by a red/green/blue color. Or substitute the value with points from 1-6 to have multiple betting methods, such as number bets, high and low bets, and color bets similar to Sic Bo betting as follows. So if you also want to play such kind of game like น้ำเต้าปูปลา so you can visit at here. Now let us see about the points given in this game to the players.

  • Fish or red, or 1 point
  • Shrimp or greens, or 2 pts
  • Gourds, or blue, or 3 points
  • Tiger or Blue or 4 pts
  • Crab or green or 5 pts
  • Chicken or red or 6 pts

In this เกมส์น้ำเต้าปูปลา of gourds, the dealer manages to accept bets and roll or shake all the dice. The dealer will put the dice on the saucer Players place their bets first. When all bets are placed the dealer scoops the dice from the plate and throws them on the game board. In some Boons, the bowl is overturned on a saucer and shaken the dice and opened. Shows which symbols are upside down that is the result of that game. If the resulting appearances are the same as the bet Players then receive the prize money. But if the results do not match Players will lose bets to the dealer and the casino like such games.