Ultimate Guide In Learning More About Sic Bo Online

Ultimate Guide In Learning More About Sic Bo Online

There are so many new and classic online casino games that you can try these days. Some of them are easy to learn and play, but others can be complicated especially for new players. One of the most popular online casino dice games these days is Sic Bo. It is known as a game of chance that features three dice and a table especially designed and created for the game. So if this is the game that caught your interest at casino88 online, then you should start learning about it before you start playing for real money.

A Short Sic Bo History For Beginners

Sic Bo history started in China. It started as an ancient then progressed as an online casino game. It is impossible to track the date or period of time when Sic Bo started in China. What is known is that the Great masters of China developed the game. It was used as a form of relaxation by combat fighters. Back in the day, dice were not yet invented so players were using different objects like shells, rocks, and even small animal bones. The masters would then engrave markings on these objects before they can use them to play Sic Bo.

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Sic Bo Gameplay

The goal of Sic Bo is simple – predict the outcome of the three dice that are being used. The gameplay is very straightforward. The Sic Bo table is divided into different sections that represent a different bet each. Once the game starts, all you need is to place your chips on the section which represents your bet. And once all of the players’ bets are laid, the croupier will start to shake the dice or if with an online casino, there will be an automatic shaker feature, then the results will be announced.

Sic Bo Bets and Payouts

You have to make sure that you make the most out of what you wager for these outcomes.  There are seven different kinds of bet that you can wager in with Sic Bo, whether at landbased or online casinos. However, the precise payouts can differ depending on what is offered at the online casino site that you have registered with.


Today, Sic Bo is one of the popular online casino games not only in Asia, but as well as for players from other parts of the world. In modern casinos, you will find advanced game features like automatic shakers and attractive and well-designed tables. And from the Asian casino rooms, Sic Bo is now also available at many online casinos. This is the reason why more and more online casino gaming enthusiasts are interested to give this game a try aside from the popular ones like slots and poker.