Online Lottery Games Introduced

The early lottery games which were introduced were nothing but simple raffles where a person purchased a printed ticket which had a number along with it. This person would wait for weeks as the lottery tickets needed to be sold out before the final lottery was drawn. It may sometimes take months for a drawing and to determine a lottery winner. There were new games introduced when people started getting bored with the regular numbers. They had passive drawing games which were very dominant in seventies and people played with full vigor and zeal. But as the customers for the lottery were increasing, adding spice and variety to the game became a necessity. People demanded of more exciting games that gave instant payoffs with improved betting options.

All the states by looking at the demand started to operate the lotteries that were offering instant prizes and cash Lottery. The players of these games were asked to select a set of numbers and the prizes were given on the basis of how many numbers were picked in the second set with a random drawing. These tickets usually were sold at one dollar but as the conducting of lotteries became more frequent the tickets prices went substantially down. Sometimes lottery was conducted twice a week in order to raise more funds. There were paper tickets introduced which had instant scratch offs pictures which would reveal drawings or numbers underneath which was further matched with the winning pattern or the number to declare the winner.

There were many states who offered games of three to four digit numbers. Games like keno, spiel, pull tabs and หวย16 ก.ย.63 lottery came into picture which slowly became popular with the masses. Pull tabs were a two play tickets devised out of paper which had numbers and symbols which when matched with the winning symbols and numbers were declared as winners. Spiel was another game which gained immense popularity and it had an add-on feature to the game which provided an extra set of numbers for a particular fee which should be matched to the symbols or numbers which came in random drawing. Keno was another Lottery game which comprised of a set of numbers which were selected from a large field of players. Players were then asked to fetch a smaller set and prizes were given on the basis of numbers matching the drawing number set.