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Before spinning online casino, test your knowledge!

The world of the casino is not only about gambling and different slot machines as you will learn through this article today. It’s a rich universe of the most far-fetched stories and key characters that have made history! At the turn of a game of poker with friends, you can spread out your general knowledge and show that you are an expert in the field! Who said that playing online casino did not require a general culture? Visit us for Slot.

The origin of the word “Casino”

We talk a lot about the casino, but do you know what are the origins of this word? The word “Casino” comes from Italy and is a derivative of “Casa”, meaning house in the beautiful Latin language. The very first casinos were “small houses” located on the Mediterranean coast. Visit our website for all kinds of gambling games and Slot.

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The origin of card games

Impossible to not know a deck of cards these days! Well, know that they were invented by the French! The different symbols represented the four classes of French society at the time; the diamond for the tradesmen, the pike for the nobles, the clover for the commoners, the heart for the clergy.

One of the biggest losses in the history of the game

The legend tells that the famous Henry VIII, King of England, would have yielded the bells of the cathedral Saint-Paul, following a part of lost dice! One of the biggest defeats in the history of the game.

The number of possible combinations

Composed of 52 cards, a traditional card game, allows realizing, nearly 2.5 million combinations of 5 cards!

The weight of a poker chip

In your opinion, how much does a poker chip weigh? An authentic chip weighs around 10 grams. The heaviest will rarely spend more than 11 grams. Extremely light objects, but which can bring very big!

The most player country

Did you know that the country in which we find the greatest number of players is … the land of kangaroos, Australia! Regarded as the most played country on earth, a study shows that Australian plays on average more than all other nationalities.

The nickname of roulette

Nicknamed “the wheel of the devil” because when you add up all the numbers of a traditional game of roulette, you get the sum 666.

One of the most famous เว็บสล็อต lovers

The very famous Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had a great passion for the game of เว็บสล็อต. During his exile on the island of Elba, he spent most of his time playing it.

Playing with a revolver on the temple

Doyle Brunson would have asked the great poker legend, Stu Ungar, if he could play Russian roulette with a revolver aimed at him, charged, of course, for an astronomical sum of money. The latter would have replied that for millions of dollars, he would play with a gun loaded with 5 balls!

The origin of “the hand of the dead”

The poker combination of two black aces and two black eight is named “Dead Man’s Hand”, “the hand of the dead” for the Frenchy because Wild Bill Hickok would be dead with this combination in hand