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Although how you should bet your money is dependent on many factors, such as which bookmaker you are using and what kind of bettor you are (a casual gambler or a professional), there are a few universal principles that all successful bettors use when placing their wagers.

Before we get started, however, let me clarify what this article is not. It’s not going to be full of long-winded strategies for beating the bookies at their own game because it’s impossible to do so time after time after time. The house always wins in the end.

Instead, this guide is simply going to highlight some of the most effective strategies that have been proven to work over a reasonable sample size of time. In other words, these are tried and tested techniques that you can start using right away. In no particular order…

Regularly checking if any late team changes have been made or injury updates is extremely important before placing a wager because these factors can have a huge bearing on how a match plays out. Odds will change accordingly, but they won’t reduce quickly enough in your favor some days. Late scratches, surprising formations, and controversial decisions from managers are just some of the variables that impact games and can turn sure-fire bets into massive long shots.

Most bookies try to get their odds out as early as possible, but there are always a few late changes here and there, especially when the stakes are high enough. For example, if two big teams from opposite ends of the table are playing each other in an important match for both sides, managers will often wait until the last minute before they set out their best eleven on the pitch. This is because they play different systems or formations than what was originally planned around half the time.

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If you’ve got your eye on a bet that looks too good to be true, then save yourself some heartache by making sure all of the team news is available before finalizing your wager.

Now, this isn’t foolproof because sometimes managers still make last-minute changes to the starting eleven, but it’s much more likely that they won’t! And that means less risk and more security for you as an astute bettor at situs judi bola.

It’s also worth checking whether any referees are officiating the match. If they’ve been given a lot of cards lately or have a reputation for being overly harsh, then this could make it more likely for an offense to be given if one occurs.

The converse is true too. Referees that are lenient with their decisions will often let borderline tackles go by, which means there’s less chance of seeing attackers getting sent off or defenders getting booked for fouls that might otherwise have warranted stronger punishment.